Available frame colors


AC-R headtube


It has a conical shape. Wider at the bottom, with a diameter of 1 1/4 “, and a traditional 1 1/ 8” at the top. Translated into practice, a steering system designed so gives greater strength and rigidity to the entire front of the frame. Perfect balance between weight, functionality and durability. Technically the choice to use a semi- integrated headset get an almost perfect alignment of the plans of the steering. The possibility of an option on one of the eight sizes available also allows you to reach the more perfect and rational positioning of the rider on the bike.

AC-R fork


Adds considerable value to this frame. Colnago has invested much from the technical point of view and has equipped AC- R with a full carbon fork: full carbon fiber sheaths and pivot . The oversized head improves control in every situation and offers great stability. The pivot is perfectly suited to the lower bearing headset . What is the value of a full carbon fork ? Huge. It is lighter, better absorb the vibrations from the road surface, makes uniform performance of the entire frame.

AC-R Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket

Simple and reliable, has been developed with the traditional system Bsa thread. Project simple, easy to adjust and durable. The external location of the caps with bearings confers greater stability and resistance to torsion generated by the cranks. The perfect linearity of the bottom bracket allows you to get the perfect alignment with the pin of the crank. That’s also increase the bearings life.

AC-R rear triangle

Rear Triangle

With AC- R should be considered as a whole. It consists basically of two forks, one connected to the bottom bracket, the other directly to the seat tube. Provides maximum traction at the rear wheel, optimizing the quality of racing, this frame has excellent qualities of acceleration on the flat and uphill fluidity. About the comfort, the wheel clearance allows the use of tires with increased section up to a maximum of 25 mm.

Frame geometry

Frame geometry

Sizes and specifications help you to choose the correct frame. More information on bike detail.


UCI approved

This frame is approved by the International Cycling Union and therefore used in all races recognized by the UCI.

AC-R disc – Disc brake

AC-R disc - Disc brake

Disc brake

The disc brakes option for a frame with the characteristics of the AC-R is very attractive and makes it even more versatile and suitable for a broad spectrum of cyclists. The system is based on a quick release skewer. Simpler and more immediate in the management of maintenance and emergencies. The fork and the rear part of the frame are made specifically to support the disc brakes.