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C60 Headtube


The most striking difference between the C59 and C60 is the new tube shapes and its matching shaped lugs. The main tubes are shaped in the famous star design of the Master tubes the full length of the tubes, with no round cross section where the tubes meet the lugs. This is a first for Colnago. Lateral stiffness of the entire front triangle will increase. At the same time, the impacting forces during a rough ride will be better distributed, ensure a higher impact resistance.

C60 downtube


The second major difference between the C59 and the C60 is the new oversized downtube. The new shape of the bottom bracket allows for the use of a much large tube diameter, thus greatly increasing lateral stiffness. With a square section of approximately 66x52mm (the C59 was only about 44mm) this tube represents the largest tube ever produced by Colnago. This increase leads directly to more efficiency, while at the same time reducing weight without sacrificing comfort.

C60 seattube


The C60 does not use a round seattube in conjunction with star tubes and lug technology. This is another first for Colnago. In favor of a round tube shape, the seat tube becomes strongly asymmetric as it reaches and enters the bottom bracket lug. Due to the space required for the front derailleur, it is not possible to exploit the full width of the bottom bracket shell in the seat tube at this juncture. The solution is to use an asymmetric tube, with a width of 30mm on the left side and 21.5mm on the right half of the tube, for a total width of 51.5mm (for comparison, the seat tube of the C59 is only 34.9mm).

C60 Bottom bracket lug

Bottom bracket lug

The heart of the new C60 is the bottom bracket. The dimensions of this masterpiece, especially when compared to that of the C59, have been created to ensure the ultimate in lateral stiffness. The star-shaped tubing inserts provide more stiffness and a better distribution of stress. This allows for significantly reduced wall thickness. This particular section of the tubing has required a considerable study of the coupling tolerances, to ensure a coupling of tube (male) and lug (female) at the highest precision and tolerances. In order to increase the stiffness of the bottom bracket lug without excessively increasing the wall thickness, and conversely the weight, the C60 uses larger diameter tubing at the insertion points. To accomplish this, the C60 increases the width of the bottom bracket. This yields vastly improved lateral stiffness in the most critical area of the frame. Colnago evaluated all of the bottom bracket standards currently on the market. The current BSA threaded standard is great for reliability, but does not allow for the advanced design requirements of the C60. None of the current press-fit standards met Colnago’s requirements in terms of reliability or longevity for the C60. Unwilling to compromise, Colnago decided to join the best of both worlds: the reliability and ease of service of a threaded bottom bracket, with wider platform and greater stiffness than current press-fit standards. Thus Colnago’s patented ThreadFit82.5 was born. Compatible with all versions of Pressfit 86.5 BB which are readily available, the ThreadFit82.5 adds two removable threaded sleeves. These are easily replaced in case of wear.

C60 One piece dropouts

One piece dropouts

Another new feature introduced with C60 are the forged, CNC-machined one-piece dropouts. With the C60, Colnago has worked hard to make the connection between the frame and the rear wheel a true masterpiece. Colnago has always been proponents of aluminum dropouts for strength and reliability. The new C60 dropouts weigh less than many products made of carbon fiber, but with absolutely incomparable stiffness and strength. The three dimensional design in particular helps the dropout maintain lateral rigidity in even in the most demanding situations. This increased stiffness will help also in the event of a crash – where the newly designed inbound derailleur hanger will more consistently break rather than the dropout itself.

C60 Disc brake

Disc brake

As with the C59, the C60 will soon also be available in a disc brake version. With the new construction of the C60 Disc, Colnago was able to reduce frame weight by 140gr compared to the C59 Disc. A small weight revolution! The new C60 dropouts and a new co-molded post mount threaded insert on the C60 Disc are both lighter and stiffer than the one-piece brake mount found on the C59 Disc. The rear fixing bolt of the brake caliper is now attached to a removable insert. This makes installation and proper adjustment of the rear caliper much simpler.



Colnago C60 frames painting, hand made in Italy one by one, every frame is unique!

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