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CX ZERO EVO Head tube

Head tube

The endurance geometry arises from the extent of the steering tube, which is considerably longer than the classical racing . The reason is essentially linked to two factors: the need to raise the position of bust and shoulders , then relax your arms slightly and shorten the top tube . The higher head tube, also promotes the driving of the bicycle in all situations by making the front end also more comfortable . The conical shape is characterized by the double diameter of 1-1/8 "at the top and 1-1/4" in the lower. The larger diameter also increased corresponds to the shape of the fork crown and seat stays, mix that improves the aspect of safety and better handling.

CX ZERO EVO Bottom bracket

Bottom bracket

Through this part of the frame pass the large part of the forces generated by the cyclist pedaling. Therefore, it should be very durable. Cx Zero was made with one of the most popular standards on the market, Press Fit 86.5. Piece monocoque , inside the box is placed a compass aluminum which are grafted directly bearings. Maximum rigidity, and then, thanks to the tube so that it can wrap the entire part, and maximum reliability because the bearings are not working on carbon but on the part of light alloy. Historical Note: Cx Zero was the first Colnago frame to use this type of bottom bracket.

CX ZERO EVO Chain stays

Chain stays

With their form characterized by a prominent fold in the vicinity of the dropouts, the chain stays wagon behave like real shock when subjected to impact the vertical from the road surface. The ability to absorb shocks than tubes with traditional design is far superior, with tangible benefits in terms of increased comfort. Moreover, thanks to the weight shifted significantly downwards, confer greater stability to the wheel and, consequently , the whole bicycle. The lateral stiffness was obtained by orienting in a vertical section close to the bb area.

CX ZERO EVO Seat Stays

Seat Stays

This part of the rear plays a key role in the comfort of your bicycle. The seat stays join the dropouts to the seat tube, therefore directly transmit the blows received from the wheel to the rider. The pendants Cx Zero are very thin, both because the diameter reduces drastically the bumps, also to reach some valuable gram on the overall weight of the frame. The stays made in this way in conjunction with the seatpost of 27.2 mm diameter behave like a real damper able to follow the movement of the pedal and provide unprecedented comfort to the rider.


UCI certifikace

Tento rám má cerifikaci Mezinárodní cyklistické unie (UCI) a může tedy startovat na všech závodech pořádaných unií.

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CX Zero EVO disc – disc brake

CX Zero EVO - Disc brake

Disc Brake

Colnago was the first bicycle manufacturer to believe in the applied technology of disc brakes on road bikes. Disc brakes can dramatically increase the safety of the cyclist in certain situations. They can offer better braking performance in nearly all situations as well as promise less maintenance of the system. The Cx Zero disc frame is designed and reinforced to accommodate the disc brake caliper and address braking forces on the rear triangle of the frame. The fork is completely new, designed to counter the lateral forces through the fork legs during braking, providing reliable, stable handling and increased performance of the bicycle.